July 12, 2018

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Our equipment rental services include, 4K flatscreen televisions, Bates Labeling, scanning, printing, jury consultants and so much more. A good presentation shouldn't have to be so expensive.

Trial Products

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Trial Consultants

Fighting a giant?

Our team of experienced professionals can do that for you! We don't ever want you to feel alone during your trial. That's why we will be with you every step towards your long deserved winning streak. Our team is experienced in the law field and ready to handle any presentation or trial needs that come your way.

Trial Consultants

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We have created a directory of experts who may be of help to you! From programming to Jury Consultants we have it all. Finding the people you need shouldn't be hard.

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Trial Knowledge

We like to provide our customers with any knowledge we have. Every Friday we post an informational video about all things trial! We also have a blog which contains and inspirational quote per day, experts of the day and more.

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