July 11, 2018

Trial Products


LASC Trial & Rank my Jury have collaborated to give you an incredible, exclusive deal ( only found on lasctrial.com. ) Software is needed to track the profiles of potential jury members and to compare them against the profile of the client. The program will compare potential jurors against the client and rank each juror who are similar to the client will relate better to the client and will be more likely to reach a verdict that is in favor of the client. Click the, "Contact us" button at the bottom of the page for pricing & more information about this exclusive offer!


To provide monitors for the judge, witness, defense attorneys and yourself in addition to the 4K TV in the courtroom.

4K Television

High Dynamic range paired with 4K gives you complete top of the line graphics for any presentation needs.


Renting an Elmo gives you the opportunity to project any of your ideas onto the big screen.

3D Animation

Animations are useful in complex or highly technical cases. Request one of our professionals to educate your jury.

Medical Illustrations

It's all about understanding. Our quality illustrations will provide a visual aid and understanding for any jury.


Trial technicians love this program and we're sure you will too. Power point does not offer the flexibility this program will with magnification zoom, highlight, instant recall and annotating.

Jury Consulting

Pick from an experienced line of Jury consultants. Jury consultent experts are needed to provide insight into jury behavior.

Digital Settlement Brochures

A settlement brochure is a visual narrative of your entire case. Compelling and exact details of what a court case will be like if opposing counsel chooses to proceed to trial.


Searching for patient information, date documents were created, author, who the document was forwarded too, customized search parameters and more can be extremely frustrating but with our team, you can take a deep breath.


When a document is being considered for a trial presentation, it is important to scan them in a way to allow all data to import properly in the appropriate software.

Bates Labeling

This is done at the time of scanning. It is an incredible way to identify each document and being capable to search for keywords throughout the document.


95% of the courts require paper documents. Therefor, it is very important your vendor provides printed versions of any electronic ones in a clear and organized fashion.

LED Projectors

To project your images on the large screen for incredible visibility.


To insure the image on your ELMO or other device is clear and vivid as your computer screen.

Interactive Electronic Panels

Write directly on an iPad and project your writing through the LCD projector to the big screen.

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