July 11, 2018

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"We make it easy to be your best." What that quote means to us is to provide an attorney who's exhausted their resources, a break. We know you're aware of the technical impact of this day and age. While that impact is positive in many ways, having top of the line equipment became very expensive. Our company took care of that for you. We provide, flatscreen TV's, monitors, computers, Elmos, Bates Labeling, and so much more. We also want to make sure you're provided with all things trial. From our YouTube page to our blog, you'll never be out of the loop.

Our Story


A World of Screenagers! 

Every person has a screen in front of them each day whether it be iPhone, Android, laptop or TV.

Our goal is to take those boxes of discovery, stacks of evidence and present them as a visual story through the screen.

Visual presentations are the path to the jury understanding and accepting your case. Here at LASC Trial, we provide state of the art tools and technology to get you there. We use our advanced technology combined with 35 years of professional legal experience , over 155 civil trials, and constant study of technique to ensure your case's message comes through loud and clear. At LASC Trial we want to ensure your visual presentations are not only understood by the jury, but felt as well. Our main focal point is on the Los Angeles Superior Court system. Every attorney needs to catch a break, we can be yours.


Where Can I Find More?

We post a inspirational daily quote every Monday - Friday on our blog. The blog consists of experts of the day, fun articles, quotes and more. We upload Keynotes every Friday around four on our Facebook. These keynotes are built around our informational playlists on YouTube. The playlists contain videos about Trial Voir Dire, Famous Lawyers, trial tools, storytelling and much more. We don't want you scrolling forever to find what's important to you. To check out what we've mentioned, scroll to the bottom of this page and see our socials!

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Meet Our CEO

J. Grant Kennedy


Four years of college, three years for law school, thirty five plus years of practice. Three kids. Over 155 civil trials from the top to bottom of California, in federal and state courts, and legal matters through-out the world. Hard work and a love for it. Taking care of clients like family. It’s never been about getting rich, just that good feeling of being the champion of justice. No regrets here. See the details for yourself.


From Shanghai, China to London England, from Florida to Chicago and Connecticut to California, J. Grant Kennedy has been legally active. From San Diego to Solano, in 10 California counties, J. Grant Kennedy has tried cases. News papers, radio stations and legal publications through out the USA and internationally have published, interviewed and ran stories about J. Grant Kennedy. And still, J. Grant Kennedy remains, one of the least famous, yet most experienced civil trial attorneys in America today.

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