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You've come here because you want to win a trial. Maybe this is the biggest one you've had to date. To win a trial is to run a marathon. Train, work hard, win, rest. How do you win a trial, one may ask? To begin, you need experience, advanced equipment and to be able to persuade your audience using storytelling. What if a company could combine all of those techniques and hand them to you? That's what LASC Trial does. Our company knows how to win a trial and we have the products to assist you. No attorney wants to buy thousands of dollars in equipment for one trial. That's why we did it for you. All you have to do is consult with our legal professionals and support team to begin your long deserved winning streak. We offer every trial related resource you could imagine, a Monday-Friday trial related blog, compilations of trial related videos, Keynote presentations and podcasts. We love to expand our knowledge constantly. That is why we want to provide you with all trial related information in one place. We also make sure you have top of the line equipment ready at your request. That is why we have all the equipment you could ask for. Our equipment rental services include up to 75 inch TVs, monitors, ELMO document presenters, LCD projectors, interactive electronic panels, switches and so much more. Trial consultants are available as well to make the whole experience hassle-free. Visual trial presentation is the KEY to winning your trial. A world of technology at your fingertips.

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The Science behind Visuals

How Visuals Can Help You Win Your Trial

What can you give your jurists so they can truly engage in and remember the story and details of your clients case? Eye-catching and descriptive visual aids like Time Lines, Videos, Animations, illustrations,Re-Creations can develop your clients story so that it resonates with your jurists. While a spoken presentation can offer a compelling arguments and convey a message, it's scientifically not as effective as when combined with visual aids. More than 60% of the general public is programmed to comprehend and retain information through visuals. The average person will forget 2/3rd's of the information given to them by speaking only. Your quality visual presentations will assist both visual and auditory learners to respond to and retain your clients story. Nothing compares to the emotional response felt with a visual example.

  • Percent Of The General Public

    comprehends and retains information through visuals.

  • Percent of information transmitted

    To the bran is visual.

  • Percent of Nerve fibers

    are linked to the retina.

  • Percent of illustrated text is comprehended

    through visuals.

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